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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yarn Daisies - Cool Idea!!! But Couldn't You Make Your Own?

I was doing a little morning surfing and found little gadgets at and thought to myself, "Wow, those are really cool!". Then the creative crafty side of me started thinking that instead of paying nearly 4 bucks for some cleverly crafted plastic discs why couldn't I just as easily make some out of some cardboard that would be just as functional and FREE!!! I mean once you wrap them up and cover them with yarn your not going to see them anyway right so why use something fancy even if they are only $3.95 for a 3-pack. Hell, for that matter I've never had a problem wrapping a neat yarn ball all by myself without a contraption such as this. All I do is grab a paper towel or two and ball it up and then use that to wrap my yarn around and I end up with a very neat yarn ball. Hmmmm I think I'll just stick to my old ways of wrapping a yarn ball and save both money and time! Sorry anniesattic I won't be buying none of these. Save them for the yarn snobs who have nothing better to do with their money lol.


Blogger Sara said...

Omigosh! I'm one of those consumers that Annie loves. I was totally going to buy some until I read your post. Duh! Paper towels...or even the kitty toys that none of my cats play with.

You're a genius!

8:31 AM  
Blogger David said...

Quote: "You're a genius!"

HEHE! Now tell me something I don't already know lol.

Glad I save ya a few bucks Sara. That's 4 dollars you can spend on yarn now :-)

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFL! Yeah, let the yarn snobs have them all :)

The way I wrap mine is I start by winding the yarn around my four fingers, remove after a dozen or so wraps, then just start turning and wrapping. In no time I have a neat ball of yarn.

I like your blog, I come by often.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

*L* I saw these as well in the Annie's Attic catalog I just got last week. I thought the exact same thing. It's cute but no one will ever see it and I ball my yarn up and don't use it for a while sometimes so it would be a long time til I would even see it. *L* I do the same thing melissa does. I use my fingers and I have no problem!

2:00 PM  

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