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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

500 Tunes and Stupid Ass Craft Stores

Topics In This Post:

1. 505 Songs Ripped
2. Guy's Harvest Scarf Near Completion
3. I'm Dissapointed With Hobby Lobby
4. Michael's In-store Yarn Selection Sucks
4. Room-mate Finally Gets A Job
5. Blog Changes Coming Soon

I have so far gotten over 500 songs ripped from my cd collection. I've gone through 85 cd's so far and still have a few hundred to go. I've been recording them at 64kbps which according to my Music Match program is about FM stereo quality sound. At this bitrate I honestly cannot really tell the difference listening to the songs on my mp3 player and listening to them at cd quality sound through my computer speakers... Anyway I have so far only used up 1 gigabyte of space with these songs on my computer, so I am going to be getting a ton of songs on my mp3 player for sure. I'm quite sure that I will be able to get all of my favorite songs from my 400+ cd collection and still have lots of space left for adding and deleting non-permant music files on the player. I can hardly wait to get my mp3 player loaded up. It's going to be so nice to be able to carry every favorite song from my entire cd collection wherever I go. And it's going to be nice to be able to pack up my cd's and store them somewhere out of site.... since they mostly sit around and collect dust anyway lol.

Well here is a picture of the scarf I've been working on. As mentioned before I'm knitting it with Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in the Harvest color. I'm afraid the scarf might not be very long when finished but I think it will be ok. You can't really tell how long it is in this picture since I've got it bunched up on the end table and you can't really see the awesome colors this yarn has, but as I've said before and I'll probably keep saying it.... I'm a much better knitter than I am a photographer. I did the best I could however. It's raining outside today so I can't get outdoors to catch natural light which always seems to make great photos when you want to show off your work. So if you guys can wait for a day when the weather is better around here then I'll promise to get a better picture of this thing to show.

Ok now I would like to take a little while to bitch and moan about Hobby Lobby and Michael's craft stores... ok well not all of them... just the ones I can get to. Today I left out way early after dropping my room-mate off for work feeling very excited because I was going to go to my all time favorite hobby supply store to purchase some Red Heart Tweed yarn that I have had my eye on forever. Well when I got there they only had two colors of the stuff... cranberry and some odd greenish stuff. I was MAD! Dammit! And then to make things worse the little old lady who works the yarn isles told me that they were discontinuing the Red Heart Tweed Yarn... Ok now I'm DOUBLE MAD!! Why is it that when a guy like me finds a yarn he thinks he will like, those damn bitches stop getting the stuff before I can try it out? Oh and then she proceeded to say that Hobby Lobby usually replaces discontinued yarns with a similar hobby lobby brand yarn. I was devestated. The only good store I know of, the one store where I love to shop is now going to shit! Not only are they getting rid of yarns I would like to buy, but they are filling up their shelves will this stupid ass fringy, furry, mohairy, bumpy, lumpy, freckled, jeckled, and hyde scary ass frilly yarn that I don't want to have anything to do with.... I decided to buy some camouflage yarn and 10" length size 9 needles to make scarfs with.... which now takes us to MICHAELS.

Oh Michaels is severely on the top of my shit list today. After leaving Hobby Lobby, I drove over to Michaels craft store hoping that they would have the tweed yarn I wanted. But they didn't have it. When I walked in the door it was wall to wall junk everywhere. It looked like Hurricane Katrina came back as if she missed that store on her first trip ashore! So after I scurried all the way to the back of the store through all the mess they had everywhere, what do you think I found? It was one stinking isle full of more of that gaudy yarn that I could have bought back at hobby lobby. There was hardly no yarn that I like there at all. I will not be going back to Michaels store anytime in the near future. And if Hobby Lobby keeps up their crap with discontinuing my favorite yarns I'll stop shopping there as well. I'll just start ordering what I want online and save the gas in my jeep for a nice ride to the park instead.

I am so happy! My room-mate got a job laying carpet. Now I get more time for myself and might actually get to start saving some money for a change lol.

Well this blog is getting old I think... or maybe I'm just bored with it. Not that I mean I'm so bored I'm gonna stop writing. Nah I just think it's time to redo this thing with a new design. I think I'm gonna do up a template to match our website... you know the one I've been saying I was working on... but truthfully I haven't touched in weeks and still don't know when it will be ready... yeah that one lol. Well I'll find time as soon as I can find time to find some time.


Anonymous Leah said...

We don't have a Hobby Lobby here but we do have Michaels and I agree with the variety of what they carry sucks, but unfortunately the only places I can get yarn instant gratification (sometimes) is Michaels and Walmart and sometimes Hancock Fabrics. Michaels carries more of the frilly and baby yarns more than anything. AND they have a crappy selection of beads..sometimes when the bead store by my house is closed I have to run to Michaels..the stuff they carry is mostly crap. Ha Ha..thanks I needed to bitch a bit also. Your best bet is buying online or from a catalog.

2:35 PM  
Blogger David said...

Yeah Leah I get what your saying. I too think I'll probably come out better buying online and I think knitting-warehouse probably carry's most of everything I want so I'll probably start buying there..... oh yeah and that reminds me.... I think Walmart is starting to get a little bit too frizzy on their yarn selection as well. Too much fake fur! LOL

5:03 PM  
Blogger Kev said...

I think I need a bigger Hard far I'm at 30gigs but I do rip mine at 196...don't know why but I do. LOL

5:52 PM  
Blogger David said...

Kev 196 is great for archiving your collection or if you really want to hear high quality sound. The only reason I'm ripping my songs at 64 is to maximize the amount of songs I can get on my mp3 player. I have hundreds of cd's and I'm attempting to get all of my favorite songs from each one onto my player and still have lots of room for other stuff. Eventually I'm planning on ripping all of the cd's at a higher bitrate so that I can have a backup copy of them all, but I don't want to do that anytime soon because I don't have a dvd burner yet and don't feel like burning a ton of cd-r's. I'm too lazy for that LOL.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn rules .. great scarf.

Micheals DOES suck. I was halfway through a giant afghan using Bernat Harmony in Midnight Mauve .. pacing myself so I could use my 40% coupon once a week so I could save a bit and Michaels disscontinued it! I eventually found it online, but I guess it;s my fault for no buying it all at once.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Nicholas said...

I totally always buy online too, you can get better deals and really awesome yarn in big amounts. Sorry to hear that you had a crappy time, but they don't deserve your money anyway.

10:11 AM  

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