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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crafty Goodies Found At Goodwill Today

I went shopping at Goodwill today in search of a used, but comfortable recliner type chair that I could use to sit in and relax while knitting. I didn't find a chair worth wasting any money on, but for less than 20 bucks I got these...

A Black & Decker toaster oven which I have been desperately wanting/needing for a couple of years. It's going to be perfect for hardening my polymer clay beads which I plan to start making again soon...

And then I found these. Eleven balls of yarn in all. It's certainly not any "high end" yarn, but it's yarn no less. Most of it is old cheap Sayelle acrylic yarn, but there are five balls of cottrica yarn which to me looks like a very thin version of lion brand's homespun yarn that I think will make three or four nice little skinny scarfs that some girls like to wear. It could be as late as the end of summer this year before I get a chance to start working on those. Out of the six balls of the cheapy sayelle acrylic yarn there is only one of them that I like. It is a greenish, orangish, olivish, brownish, tannish tweed yarn that I think is going to make a nice looking cap. I'll probably just throw the other sayelle yarn in the trash because it's just butt ugly but it all came in one sack so I had to buy it all to get the yarns I wanted. Oh well, where else are you gonna get a toaster oven and eleven balls of yarn for less than twenty bucks? I think my partner will be proud of me for finding a deal like this. So who's jealous? lol


Anonymous Leah said...

I've never thought of looking at the thrift store for yarn. I use to go to St. Vincent DePauls alot but that was before I started crocheting/knitting.

You could make some squares with the butt ugly yarn and donate them to one of those places that puts them together to make afghans for the homeless and less fortunate. Always an option however I guess you may not have the time though.

4:08 PM  
Blogger David said...

Hmmm, I never thought about doing that Leah. I might just keep the yarn after all and who knows someday I might do some kind of charity work like that with it. Thanks for that suggestion :-)

5:02 PM  

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