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Friday, March 31, 2006

Knitting Bloggers

Knitting Bloggers Over 800 blogs about knitting. Did you know there were so many out there? Who'da'thunk it!?

Free Knitting Patterns Netring

Free Knitting Patterns Netring The free knitting pattern webring has lot's of sites with free patterns. You may have already seen some of these sites but there are probably many you haven't seen yet.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Seashore Candle Centerpiece I Made For Our Kitchen

Here is a neat little display I created for a centerpiece in our kitchen. A bamboo rug mat topped with a beautiful beaded place mat. A few glass stones and a sandy beach candle lantern I made with a large glass bowl, sand, seashells, and a tealight candle. Doesn't look like much in the picture, but when the lights are turned down and the candle is lit it looks really nice.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One Of My Non-Crafty Ways To Pass Time

Sometimes I like to watch the planes at the airport. Here is a cool blue helicopter I saw today.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gazebo Purchase Pending

We are considering to purchase a gazebo like this one to enjoy this summer. Do any of you have one and are they worth the money? This one costs $130.00 at Lowe's.

A special Thanks To Our Visitors

We wanted to just take a minute to express an extra special thanks to our visitors, readers, and friends who frequent our corner of this big ol' world wide web. Without all your participation this would be a pretty boring place. We love your comments and suggestions and if there is anything we don't feature here that you would love to see please let us know.

Scared Is...

Driving through the projects and not knowing how you got there.

Mad Is...

When you spend 45 minutes trying to find the keys to your jeep and they were right in your face the whole damn time!

Yarn Daisies - Cool Idea!!! But Couldn't You Make Your Own?

I was doing a little morning surfing and found little gadgets at and thought to myself, "Wow, those are really cool!". Then the creative crafty side of me started thinking that instead of paying nearly 4 bucks for some cleverly crafted plastic discs why couldn't I just as easily make some out of some cardboard that would be just as functional and FREE!!! I mean once you wrap them up and cover them with yarn your not going to see them anyway right so why use something fancy even if they are only $3.95 for a 3-pack. Hell, for that matter I've never had a problem wrapping a neat yarn ball all by myself without a contraption such as this. All I do is grab a paper towel or two and ball it up and then use that to wrap my yarn around and I end up with a very neat yarn ball. Hmmmm I think I'll just stick to my old ways of wrapping a yarn ball and save both money and time! Sorry anniesattic I won't be buying none of these. Save them for the yarn snobs who have nothing better to do with their money lol.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Brenda's Prayer Shawl

This is the shawl I've been working on. Almost finished. I can now post pics and text to this blog with my new moto razr phone. How cool is that?!

Potter Craft News

Potter Craft News There is a new site... well it's new as far as I know and you can get free patterns from them. I think you have to subscribe to their newsletter to get the pattern but that was no big deal for me since I love getting crafty newsletters in my email box.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Look What Trey Did

I had no idea that our living room could look this great. Now I really can't wait to get an area rug and nice coffee table in here.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

David's Mobile Picture Blog

David's Mobile Picture Blog .... I got a new cell phone today with a camera and I've started a new picture blog over at textamerica. I'll be adding pictures to it soon. Keep checking the link *smile*

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Picture Of Prayer Shawl Coming Soon

I think I mentioned that I've been busy working on a prayer shawl for Trey's mom. It's almost finished. I started putting fringe on it today, but I think I'm going to run out of yarn before I can get all the fringe put on it. I'm gonna buy some more yarn tomorrow and hopefully have the shawl finished in a few days. I'll be posting a picture of it very soon. Just thought I'd post this so everyone wouldn't get bored with my blog since I haven't posted anything in a few days.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sofa and Rocking Chair For Only $70.00

We have been needing a sofa for a long time since all we had was a beat up old raggedy love seat, and I have been wanting my own rocker or recliner chair so I could have something comfortable to sit in while I'm knitting.

Today we went shopping for furniture. We weren't looking for furniture that matched. We wanted something REALLY CHEAP, but it had to be comfortable. We found a sleeper sofa and a rocker for just pennies less than 70 bucks.

Here is the sofa we got for only $49.88 dollars. The sleeper frame is broken but that's ok. It could be fixed if we really needed it to be fixed. The important thing is that we got a very good sofa in great condition really cheap.

This is my new knitting chair. It rocks and swivels side to side so I now have a comfortable place to sit and watch tv while I'm knitting or surfing the web on my laptop. It is in really great condition. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't recline but for less than $15.00 I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow I'm going out shopping for a round coffee table and a colorful area rug.

Oh yeah, I'm still working on the prayer shawl and it's coming along great so far. Maybe I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. - Luxury crochet hooks... Check out these beautiful crochet hooks. I especially would love to have one of the fiber optic lighted hooks since I love to crochet outside at night. Too bad I'm not rich or I'd order one of them right now!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

8 Sweaters For 4 Bucks Equals A Lot Of Recycled Yarn For Cheap

One thing I've always wanted to try since reading about it somewhere online a year or two ago is recycling sweaters to get the yarn from them. Yesterday I was out shopping and ventured into the salvation army store and they had a whole rack full of sweaters they were selling for 50 cents. I grabbed 8 of them. You really can't tell what colors they are in this picture and I didn't intend to show them off up close. I just wanted to brag about the deal I got. I will say that one of the sweaters is made from a beautiful black chenille type yarn and a couple of the sweaters are tweeds... and I like tweed yarn. Most of them are acrylic, but they are super soft and a couple of them are cotton I think. One of the tweed sweaters may be wool yarn but I can't tell because it doesn't have a label on it, but it feels kinda scratchy and thats why I think it's wool. I don't have a lot of experience touching wool yarn, but I've heard that some wool can feel scratchy like that. Later on this year I'll show them off a little better when I start attempting to take them apart. I figure that if I'm successful at recycling these then I should get a couple of thousand yards of yarn out of all these. I chose sweaters in colors that would be very suitable for men's scarves that I hope to be able to get started on knitting by next winter. For now these sweaters are going into storage until I finish the prayer shawls I'm working on.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Zibibbo is Good: Flash Your Stash 2006

Zibibbo is Good: Flash Your Stash 2006 Have you guys's heard of Flash Your Stash. Apparently this is the second year running. I don't know if it's a contest or simply just something fun where you get to show off your yarn stash to the entire world. Anyway it should be fun and you've got until April 1st to get your pictures ready.

In other news: I'm busy crocheting two prayer shawls and I'm devoting as much time as possible to finishing them so I can send them out in a hurry. Grocery shopping, house cleaning, and bill paying has been put on hold so I'll have more time to put into them. So that also means I probably won't be posting much on this blog for at least a few days until they are finished. I'll post pictures of them as soon as I get a chance. They are going to be beautiful and I haven't worked on a project that large in ages so I've got a lot of work to do and my goal is to get them mailed out by the end of next week or sooner.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today I Learned Kumihimo

You can try it too if you like. I gotta warn ya though, it's a little aggravating when your trying to get all of those threads lined up but once you do that it's a pretty simple process and you can make your own unique cords to use for... well use them for anything you can imagine I suppose. I'll post a picture of my finished kumihimo braided cord once it's finished.